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A Dog Story - Off Broadway - Davenport Theatre


"Making its New York debut at the Davenport Theater's Loft after a successful 2014 run in Florida, A DOG STORY is impressive on every level, beginning with the ingenious scenic design by Lauren Mills." -Victoria Ordin,

"The standout set is absolutely first-rate. It is a character on its own. Inventive, beautifully lit from within, ever-changing, it unpeels its various layers as the night progresses in a veritable scenic dance of the seven veils. In its plasticity the set opens the playing space up far beyond the limitations of four walls and a floor. Scenic Designer Lauren Mills and Lighting Designer Jamie Roderick have fused set and lighting so seamlessly that one would literally not function without the other. They should trademark it and take it on the road." -Sarah Downs,

"Contributing to the “good dog!” success of the show is scenic design by Lauren Mills. Mondrian-like lockers on each side of the playing area open to reveal an amazing stock of props, including a full-size Murphy bed. This clever use of space is augmented with creative lighting design by Jamie Roderick." -Marilyn Lester,

True Love - Sharon Playhouse


"Hats off to scenic designer Lauren Mills who has created a fully realized comic book world with sliding panels of big, whimsical, colorful, original illustrations." -Off Script with Dan Dwyer

Absolution - St. Lukes (Off-Broadway)


"The opulent world of Latro’s script is best communicated by the production’s design; Lauren Mills’ scenery does an impressive job at transforming into a variety of lavish spaces..." - Tim Croner, Theatre Is Easy




"The show was terrific in all ways—the text (clean), the performance (masterful), the direction (rich and varied) and the design (starkly powerful)—and it has stayed with me." ~New York State Council on the Arts.


"One of the memorable aspects of the show is the set design by Lauren Mills. It is one of those sets that photographs cannot do justice. The hung garments set the mood when you enter the theater and amplify empathy throughout." -Jervelle Frederick,




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